Taryn E. Hughes
Taryn E. Hughes
Founder / CEO of Forest Hughes & Associates LLC : Mind-Body Therapist : Writer

Taryn E. Hughes
CEO / Founder of Forest Hughes & Associates LLC. Mind-Body Therapist. Writer. 

Brooklyn, New York



A grounded visionary who is able to quickly assess what's needed and provide practical tools to move groups and individuals forward toward optimum health and wellness. 

As CEO and founder of Forest Hughes & Associates LLC, an organization dedicated to supporting professionals on the front lines manage the impact of work-related trauma exposure, Taryn ensures those who serve, heal and protect others receive tailored services that better their lives and their professional abilities. 



Over the past decade I've had the pleasure of working with many government institutions, including the Dept. of Education, Dept. of Corrections and Job Corps; some amazing nonprofits including YMCA, DREAM!, The Leadership Program, and The White Privilege Conference; as well as reputable international entities including the British Embassy, Humbolt University and the Berlin Public and International School System.

I've supported clients through injury, illness, loss, recovery, infertility and life transitions. Many have found relief from chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, debilitating grief, depression and varying psychosomatic symptoms. Additionally, countless men and women have been supported on their journey towards authentic living both in gender-specific groups and through one-on-one support.

My work is somatic - meaning it's rooted in the body - is trauma safe and trauma supportive and is informed by somatic psychology,  Jungian psychology, movement therapy, trauma release practices, mindfulness, yoga, energy medicine and gender-specific and restorative approaches.

After a decade of experience I developed Sacred Centering, a gentle and supportive way of working with the body and mind that brings individuals back to their authentic center.

Though supporting individual clients has brought me much joy and reward, I am now solely focused on supporting workers on the front lines through www.ForestHughes.com and passing on my professional knowledge through consulting, curriculum development, group facilitation, retreats and trainings.